Adding Character to Your Home

Your home should reflect your personality and is the one place where you can get creative with your own style. Adding character to your home does not mean necessarily spending lots of money, it’s just about adding those touches that make your home just a little bit more special.

Get Crafty

Experimenting with DIY and crafts has never been easier. With hundreds of websites that provide endless ideas and instructions all you need to do is try. Materials are simple to get from craft shops, hardware stores and even second hand shops for cost-effective and handmade items for your home. Also experiment with items that you have at home, those boring cabinets or photo frames you have can have a makeover and can look amazingly chic with just a few materials. Get creative and try new ideas that you like, you may be inspired to do more and your home will become nicer by the day.

Only Buy What You Like

Staying up to date with fashion and design is great, but it moves very quickly and items can quickly become dated. Don’t just buy things because they are in fashion, only buy what you truly like and will look fabulous in your home.

Find Your Style

Have a look at interior design magazines and websites to try and figure out what you like and what you don’t, so you know exactly what your style is. Then you can begin to play with your style and add little things to your home that make it more appealing. Think about new Rak tiles in a colour reflecting your style or change the colour of the rooms to ones that are inviting yet fun. Mix up the house so rooms each have a different feel, make the hallway and living room neutral, the bathroom bold and fun, the kitchen bright and airy etc.

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