Chilled Out Tamilrockers Originals Comedies to Kill Boredom

Picture this: it’s Saturday evening and you’re in your pajamas thinking of what to watch on net as going out for clubbing isn’t your kind of weekend fun. You’re all set for a lazy Saturday night on internet with a big bowl of caramel popcorns, light snacks, and a walnut brownie. So, where’s the glitch? You’re probably at loss of suggestions on what to watch on a Saturday evening but not anymore!

Rather than scouring through the internet aimlessly, here’s a curated list of Tamilrockers comedies to have a relaxed weekend evening with yourself and make the most of the time by getting some hearty laughter.

Here’s the best  Tamilrockers  Movies to watch on a lazy weekend evening sipping wine and munching on popcorns:

Naughty Wedding

Can there be a more hilarious scenario than the one in this popular  Tamilrockers  comedy, Naughty Wedding. The groom wakes up to find himself in bed with a strange yet attractive young woman and is taken in by a surprise over how she got in his bed. To add to his woes, his fiancée is at the door and the only way for him to hop out of this chaos is to convince his fiancée that the strange young woman is actually his friend’s girlfriend.

What follows next is a series of utter chaos and mindless running as both are trying to save Dev’s marriage. The hysterical Watcho original comedy is a sure shot way to ward off boredom on weekends if going out on weekends isn’t your cup of tea!

Baal Baal Bache

A superb  Tamilrockers  comedy on the lives of three friends and their crazy adventures, Baal Baal Bache is yet another fun and successful take on male friendships and bonding told in an unconventional way. To avenge their friend and roommate Sourav, Rocky and Samir take the crazy route and are advised by a ‘Spider Baba’ to get Sourav’s pubic hair which will turn him into a gay. Watch this 7-episode long popular  Tamilrockers comedy series to know if they’re efficacious in their comic attempt or face the wrath themselves instead?


Yet another hysterical attempt at splitting comedy, Virgin@27 is a popular  Tamilrockers  comedy series running successfully. The story of a 27-year-old boy whose all attempts at learning sex and losing virginity make him fall flat on the face. While he’s still a virgin at 27, his ill fate is often mocked by his friends and family.

His desperate attempts at losing his virginity often lands him up in deep troubles fearing which he decides to get married and break the jinx. Here he sits on the bed on his wedding night fearing his wife might draw the same misfortune. The  Tamilrockers  comedy is a laughter riot with some crazy humor and situations.

Apart from above available on 123Tamilrockers, The LOL Show, Casting Couch, and Chhoriyan are extremely popular with the audience for their unique take on popular comedy web shows.

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