Getting over a fear of the dentist

Not everyone is happy about a trip to the dentist. Some fears are deep-rooted and may take years to deal with properly but there are a few things that you can do to make your next visit a little more bearable.

Your own dentist may be able to help you with specific fears. For example, if it is the thought of a filling that bothers you they may be able to talk you through it to put your mind at rest. Dentists do understand that people are afraid and some have had training to help them with patients that suffer from anxiety.

Once you have found a dentist that you think may be able to help you need to pay a visit to the surgery. Going there when you don’t have to actually see the dentist can help you to relax in these surroundings.   You get the chance to talk to the receptionist and you may also have the opportunity to meet the dentist. Worthing residents can then figure out if this is the dentist that they want to see.

If you have an early appointment it can help because you have less time during the day to worry about it. When you first go to the dentist you will normally just be going for a check-up. Again, you should take the time to chat to the dentist and get to know him/her a little better.

When going to the dentist, Worthing residents should know that it is okay for them to take someone along with them. They may be able to sit with you while you are being treated too. You can talk to your dentist about indicating to them if you need to stop. You can also take along an iPod or other music player to listen to if it will help you to relax.

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