How to Choose the Right Diamond for Your Wedding Ring

Diamonds are the most popular and traditional choice for both engagement and wedding rings. The main reason they are so admired is because they are durable and match with everything. Being the hardest material, diamonds never lose their polish and are resistant to scratching unless scratched by another diamond, making them the perfect stone for wedding rings. Platinum diamond wedding rings are one of the highest quality rings along with gold and white gold bands. When choosing the right diamond for your ring, always follow the Four Cs:

  • Cut

The cut of a diamond is the most important factor and refers to the symmetry, proportions and polish, rather than the shape. Each facet of the diamond is observed to check the angles and lengths. A well cut diamond will be brilliant and reflect the light.

  • Colour

There is a large range in the colours of diamonds but most people favour white diamonds. The colour of a diamond is graded by letters starting from D which is colourless, the best quality diamonds are around F and H.

  • Clarity

Diamonds are a natural stone so it is very normal to have imperfections, the less each diamond has the greater the clarity. A diamond with a high clarity can reflect more light and will create more of a sparkle effect. Higher clarity diamonds are worth more and flawless diamonds without internal defects or blemishes on the surface are very rare and difficult to find. Clarity is measured by a scale, starting with F1 for flawless diamonds, to VVS1 and VVS2 for minor inclusions, then VS1 and VS2 for slight blemishes, SI1 and SI2 for small inclusions and ending with I1, I2 and I3 for imperfect diamonds. Most imperfections cannot be seen by the naked eye, a diamond is magnified ten times when being graded for clarity. Check the location of the imperfections before buying.

  • Carat

The carat of a diamond refers to the weight and every diamond is measured by carats. Each carat has 100 points and most rings contain a one carat diamond, but this obviously depends on the budget.

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