Using online printing services for large scale orders

If you are a large company you may find yourself needing to place orders for a large amount of stationery and promotional products. You need to be sure that your online printing service can offer that service in a timely manner. You may be heading to a conference or a have a stand at a show and you need to have plenty of brochures, leaflets and promotional gifts to hand out while you are there. If your online printing services cannot deliver your bulk order in a timely manner then this could leave you stuck.

Most online printing services will be able to cope with large orders, but it might be worth calling them before placing your order to ensure they have time to get the order fulfilled for when you need it. You might not be the only person asking them to complete a bulk order for the same show, their resources could be stretched thin. A quick call can avoid any problems down the line when it is too late to find another printing service.

You must also remember that if you are placing a bulk order that you make sure your proofreading is spot on. If you miss something, and there is a mistake (which could be costly if the mistake is on pricing) then that is a huge amount of leaflets or brochures to go to waste. It is not down to the printer to ensure your work is perfectly proofread and edited, it is up to you. Get it right first time and it is much easier for everyone involved.

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